Mini Bus Hire Stratford Upon Avon









At CJH of Shottery we are excited and pleased with our new 16 seat Mercedes minibus.

With brand a new interior and full cabin air-conditioning interior, luggage racks for hand luggage,

full PA system and a huge boot for all the luggage and shopping!

We have over 25 years hands on experience in tourism out in the field.

Want to know the best places to stop for lunch, go shopping or get away from the crowds?

 Whatever your requirements, we can sort the itinerary                                

Want to book venue tickets in advance to avoid queues? We can organise this on your behalf.

Hotel / Boutique guest houses can be booked at a variety of locations in the area

Personal local guides can be arranged for the excellent local knowledge you can't read from any book

Our drivers are the BEST and their knowledge of the countryside second to none

Whether you have an idea of what you want to see and where you want to go.

Or if you are looking for sugestions,

We can help with the itinerary. Anything from a half day tour to a full tour of Great Britain,

Whatever your requirements are we at CJH of Shottery can assist you and make your  trip a memorable one.

It can all start with the Meet & greet at the airport/Port.      

For a personal quote, please do not hesitate to contact us on